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We Make Buying Property Simple in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

Our Story

37 Property Group was founded in 2012.

Our purpose is to make buying property simple.

Dean our founder has been interviewed by Property Observer, Smart Property Investment Magazine and Domain.

He holds a Bachelor of Property Economics through UTS and brings years of experience and knowledge to every clients search.

Majority of our clients are investors wanting to build wealth or first home buyers looking to buy in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne.

Many clients buy two, three or four plus properties through our service.

We implement an honest, trustworthy and professional approach.

Our Services

1. Future Planning – deciding where you want to be in 5-10 years time. This includes what sort of strategy is most suitable for your current situation. Strategies include buying and holding, subdividing, developing, creating a portfolio or renovating for profit.

2. Area Selection – determining which areas are right for your investment around Australia.

3. Property Selection – 37 Property Group understands local markets and will recommend specific property types which meets the underlying demand of the local market. These are determined by demographics, the local economy, infrastructure and new developments.

4. Property Sourcing – we recommend the most suitable properties within the chosen area.

5. Negotiations – often we save our clients thousands of dollars, resulting in you purchasing the property at the lowest price possible.

6. Due Diligence – we organise building and pest inspection reports, conveyancing and valuations.

7. Property Management – we have established relationships with local agents to help you achieve the highest rental returns possible.

Some previous first home buyer and investor clients.



A couple approached 37 Property Group to start their investment property journey to build a property portfolio over the next 5-10 years. The couple had a set budget which limited the search to certain locations around Australia. After much research and negotiation on a number of properties over a number of months, a fantastic property was successfully purchased in Sydney’s Central Coast, approximately $10,000 below where the owner originally wanted. It has all the drivers for strong capital growth and an already set tenant in place.

Purchased 2017: $440,000

Rental Returns: 4.2%



A referred family approached 37 Property Group with a goal to buy their first property, take advantage of the government grants and be within a close proximity to the current residence they were renting in. We managed to find and purchase a perfect property for the young family within 5 days of engagement. They are extremely happy with the result. The clients intend to potentially rent out their new property in a few years time and continue growing their portfolio.

Purchased 2017: $555,000

Owner Occupied



A young busy couple approached 37 Property Group with specific criteria. They wanted a house on a large piece of land, with granny flat potential in a growth location near public transport and amenities. The clients successfully purchased their first property which meets all their requirements and has all the drivers for a very strong investment.

Purchased 2017: $442,000

Rental Returns: 4.3% or 6.4%+ (with granny flat)



A year after first engaging 37 Property Group to buy their first property located in Parramatta, the family preferred a second investment with greater land component. Thorough research was undertaken to find such areas in the Sydney region and Penrith was chosen for their budget and requirements. An R3 zoned site was purchased in 2017, which has potential to amalgamate with neighbouring properties to form a larger townhouse site, similar to neighbouring properties.

Purchased 2017: $550,000

Rental Returns: 4.7%



37 Property Group assisted a first time buyer into the property market. The client had struggled to purchase for over two years. With the help of 37 Property Group the client was able to purchase a successful 2 bedroom apartment in the most desirable, quiet and convenient location in Ryde, within 300m walk to Top Ryde shopping centre.

Purchased 2016: $550,000

Current 2017: $610,000

Annual Growth: $60,000

Rental Returns: 4.5%

Percentage Return: 11%



37 Property Group first met with a young family to help them buy their first property. Borrowing was the primary issue and through our network, we were able to find a suitable off the plan apartment option enabling finance to work. Having owned the property for a few years the family decided to take advantage of the booming market and achieved a fantastic re-sale price turning into over 15% returns on their initial investment.

Purchased 2015: $515,000

Sold 2016: $590,000

Annual Growth: $75,000

Rental Returns: 4.5%

Percentage Return: 18%



A young lady approached 37 Property Group in the hope of finding her first property with capital growth potential during the settlement period. The property identified based on the clients budget and search parameters was located in the Liverpool region. Since her purchase in 2014 the property has conservatively increased by over 30% in value.

Purchased 2014: $325,000

Current 2017: $450,000

Annual Growth: $42,000

Rental Returns: 6%

Percentage Return: 38%

Lane Cove


An overseas investor purchased an off the plan apartment, which 37 Property Group secured in growing Lane Cove. We continue to manage the property once it settled. The client has experienced an estimated 10% capital growth during the settlement period.

Purchased 2015: $600,000

Current 2017: $710,000

Annual Growth: $55,000

Rental Returns: 4.3%

Percentage Return: 18%



37 Property Group was approached by a successful professional to find the best investment possible for their budget. After careful and thorough research of the Australian property market a highly desirable R3 zoned development site was acquired in the Central Coast. The site is within walking distance to the train station and many new development driving the local region. Conservative estimates value this property over 20% above where the client purchased in 2015.

Purchased 2015: $625,000

Current 2017: $750,000

Annual Growth: $62,500

Rental Returns: 3%

Percentage Return: 20%



37 Property Group helped a family successfully acquire land for a short-term investment. After thorough research, the land was purchased for the correct price in a fast growing area in Northwest Sydney. We also helped the client package the property up and on-sell for their desired profit margin of over 30%.

Purchased 2014: $390,000

Sold 2016: $540,000

Annual Growth: $75,000

Rental Returns: Land

Percentage Return: 38%



A family with limited experience in the Sydney property market and a set budget, engaged our services to find them a specific townhouse in school catchments areas in the Parramatta region. A successful property was identified after a month of searching and attending inspections and was purchased $10,000 below the guide price in a very competitive marketplace. They renovated the property to make it meet their living requirements and are very happy with their purchase. The renovations have added tremendous value to their equity reserves.

Purchased 2016: $790,000

Current 2017: $860,000

Annual Growth: $70,000

Owner Occupied

Percentage Return: 9%



37 Property Group helped a few first home buyer clients purchase some fantastic 2 bedrooms in an off the plan project in Arncliffe. The clients have achieved strong growth and are happy with their properties.

Purchased 2015: $670,000

Current 2017: $765,000

Annual Growth: $47,500

Rental Returns: 4.5%

Percentage Return: 14.1%



As we work with financial planners and mortgage brokers, a professional approached 37 Property Group with a client who needed assistance through the investing process. After meeting the client the most suitable option based on their specific requirements turned out to be a desirable house and land package in the developing Central Coast region.

Purchased 2015: $515,000

Current 2017: $620,000

Annual Growth: $53,000

Rental Returns: 4.5%

Percentage Return: 21%



37 Property Group was engaged by a professional client to purchase land to subdivide. Land was identified and purchased in the Northwest region of Sydney. After council approvals and minor works, approval was granted.

Purchased 2014: $750,000

Sold 2016: $1,085,000

Annual Growth: $111,000

Rental Returns: Land

Percentage Return: 45%

Dee Why


Having searched for a number of months without success, 37 Property Group helped a young couple buy their first property investment. After countless inspections, the correct property was found, negotiated and purchased over $20,000 below the asking price in Dee Why. The property represented excellent value being only 600m walk to the beach.

Purchased 2016: $600,000

Current 2017: $720,000

Annual Growth: $120,000

Owner Occupied

Percentage Return: 20%



A family approached 37 Property Group with the goal to buy their first investment property in a strong growth location in Sydney. After careful analysis, we felt certain pockets in Parramatta represented great value for money at the time. A 2 bedroom unit across the road from the Westfield was purchased within a week of engaging 37 Property Group. The clients were very happy and continue to rent out the property to good tenants.

Purchased 2015: $490,000

Current 2017: $530,000

Annual Growth: $20,000

Rental Returns: 4.5%+

Percentage Return: 8.2%



A busy professional who was a first home buyer approached 37 Property Group looking for a well valued house and land package in The Hills. The client needed a first home and a property that would make for a strong long-term investment. We were able to put a suitable package together in a short space of time for the client. The property has provided a fantastic return on investment and continues to be rented out.

Purchased 2014: $688,000

Current 2017: $850,000

Annual Growth: $54,000

Rental Returns: 4.2%+

Percentage Return: 23.5%



A successful professional met with 37 Property Group to continue their positive cash flow property acquisitions. After analysing the clients diversified portfolio it became clear Brisbane was the area missing. A high yielding duplex in the region was identified from the entire market as meeting the clients long-term objectives and rental yield of 6%.

Purchased 2016: $560,000

Current 2017: $600,000

Annual Growth: $40,000

Rental Returns: 6%+

Percentage Return: 7%

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“I have for years been pushing back and unsuccessfully looking for my first investment property each time giving up when it gets too hard and losing the motivation. I finally discovered Dean from 37 Property Group. Dean was helpful from day one, he listened to what I was after and had the knowledge to assist me. I will strongly recommend Dean to anyone and my only regret is I wish I discovered Dean Years ago.”


“Used services as buying agent as I was time poor. Dean was super helpful. After 2 years of searching by myself, I employed the services of Dean and he was able to find me a place and make the right decision within 6 months of working together. Highly recommended!”


“Dean helped my husband and I buy our first investment property! He listened to our requirements and was able find us the right property in an unbelievably short time. He was professional and always happy to help. He went over and beyond to ensure things were done right! We would definitely engage him again. Thanks Dean!”


“Dean helped us buy our first property and it was a great experience working with him. We had to change our purchase strategy in between our search, which Dean was completely open to. He quickly adapted to the change by leveraging his research and analysing skills. Dean’s real-world and value added analysis truly gives one a wholistic perspective and approach which is absolutely crucial in the decision making process. I would highly recommend Dean to anyone thinking of buying a property especially people who are doing it for the first time.”


“Dean helped me to buy investment property for the best price and good location. Now I have bought two investment properties after I have met him.I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for properties to buy,because his excellent services and honesty.”


“Dean Berman from 37 Property Group is a superstar! We have no hesitation in recommending Dean from 37 Property Group to all our friends and family and wish him the very best with his business ventures. Thank you Dean for helping us secure our property.”

Areas we work in

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