Best Property Investments

We focus on proving up-to-date knowledge on the best property investments in Australia. This helps Australians make smart investment decisions on where to buy to make strong profit.

23-02-2017 – Best Property Investments – Randwick

Today we will jump a few price points over $2m, like our Olympic champion Sally Pearson does to hurdles. An interesting property at 35 Oswald St Randwick. It offers many options, like a well trained comedian. From a renovation to addition and or potential redevelopment. 35 Oswald St Price Range The last property to sell […]

18-02-2017 – Buying Property At Auctions – Upper North Shore

Today I’m attending two auctions in the Upper North Shore. It’s a day of potential knockdown and re-builds. The first auction is in Hornsby. I’m predicting this property will sell around $1.2m. The second property is in Gordon. The guide price is just over $1m. I’m predicting this property will sell for around $1.55m. I […]

16-02-2017 – Best Property Investments – Chermside

What a ripper of a day! I came across this newly listed property at 15 Ashley Rd, Chermside West. I think it’s a property with fantastic investment potential. Ashley St Facade This property is like a young Mark Waugh. Superb with the bat. Great with the ball. Classy in the field. An all rounder. Very […]

14-02-2017 – Best Property Investments – Pymble

Happy Valentines day to all. I came across this property a little while back at 14 Reynolds St, Pymble. Located in Sydney’s Upper North Shore. This property is like a white cling peach in season, which has been slightly bruised but still tastes incredible. It’s going to auction this Saturday 18/02/2017 at 12pm. Comparable Property […]

13-02-2017 – Best Property Investments – Carlton

I’m currently looking for a few clients in Melbourne. 90% of properties seem to be going to auction. They are selling fast, particularly in prime locations. I’m primarily focussing on houses at this particular moment. I’ve been watching this property at 69 Princes St in Carlton, Victoria over the last few weeks. It’s coming up […]