What Is A Buyers Agent? The Definitive Guide 2017

Today we will discuss ’what is a buyers agent’. In this guide we will show you how a buyers agent will help you buy your dream property. We will look at why they have become so popular. In summary if you want to buy the best property, a buyers agent is a must. Let’s get […]

Property Investment Advice: 60 Profit Busting Tips

Everyone loves property investment advice, right? You may be wondering: “How do I find property investment advice that actually works?” Well today we will make it really easy for you. Here are vital pieces of advice any investor could use to help them become more successful and profitable in their investments. 1. Focus on your […]

Property Investment Strategies Australia: The Complete List

You probably know of a few property investment strategies used in Australia… But do you KNOW THEM ALL? Well it’s your lucky day today as we’ve put together a complete list. Some are straight forward. Some are riskier. Others are a fusion between different strategies. But they’re all here. To make the list even easier […]

Weekly Property Research

As a buyers agent we look at numerous properties every week. Below is a summary of weekly properties which have not been recommended to our clients as part of our daily research and analysis. Some examples from week ending 24/09/2017 Main road location. Construction material. Main road location. Wrong type of construction to clients preference. […]

How Would A $100,000 Investment Property In Australia Rate Against The World Between 1980-2017

Back in the 1980s property prices used to be way below were they are now. Many nations prices ranged between $50,000-$120,000. What happens if you invested in a $100,000 property back then? How would Australia have compared to other nations? We will look at 13 countries over this period of time. Australia, Belgium, Britian, China, […]