June 2017 Property Market News

June 2017 June has started off with a huge amount of good news for first home buyers. Vacancy rates remain below 2% in Canberra, Hobart, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. First Home Buyers The ‘housing affordability package’ has been released. Stamp Duty for first home buyers on existing and new homes has been scraped for NSW […]

May 2017 Property Market News

May 2017 May has started off with the budget. The Budget The budget will have a mixed impact on the Australian property market. Most hard hit will be developers and foreign investors. Developers Developers can only sell 50% of stock to foreign buyers. Investors Two deductions have been affected with this budget. Depreciation to things […]

April 2017 Property Market News

April 2017 April has started off with majority of media attention on lending policies. National National news looking at topical points relating to Australia as a nation. Property Cycles ‘Gold Coast goes through bigger booms and busts than any other property market. Perth’s property market is largely influenced by the resources industry. Sydney is largely […]

Property Investment Strategies Australia: The Complete List

You probably know of a few property investment strategies used in Australia… But do you KNOW THEM ALL? Well it’s your lucky day today as we’ve put together a complete list. Some are straight forward. Some are riskier. Others are a fusion between different strategies. But they’re all here. To make the list even easier […]

What Australian Residential Property Investors Can Learn From The Wealth Report 2017

Though the Wealth Report 2017 largely talks about a totally different wealth league to the average Australian property investor, it would be wise to understand what the ultra-rich are doing with their money. Maybe we can learn something that will help our investing? Sydney and Melbourne are the top 2 destinations for ‘HNWI’ (High-het-worth individual […]

How Important Is Population Growth For Capital Growth For Property Investors

Many investors regard population growth as the vital injection required for property price growth. But is this actually the case? Do you need a growing population for prices to grow? Many well established Sydney suburbs have had limited new large-scale development activity but experienced tremendous price growth. If we look at ABS population growth and […]

March 2017 Property Market News

March 2017 March saw continued price rises in Sydney and Melbourne. Media coverage focussed on how to slow property markets. Discussions continued on how property can be made more affordable for First Home Buyers. National National news looking at topical points relating to Australia as a nation. Property Market ‘The value of Australia’s 9.8 million […]