How Would A $100,000 Investment Property In Australia Rate Against The World Between 1980-2017

Back in the 1980s property prices used to be way below were they are now. Many nations prices ranged between $50,000-$120,000. What happens if you invested in a $100,000 property back then? How would Australia have compared to other nations? We will look at 13 countries over this period of time. Australia, Belgium, Britian, China, […]

June 2017 Property Market News

June 2017 June has started off with a huge amount of good news for first home buyers. Vacancy rates remain below 2% in Canberra, Hobart, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. First Home Buyers The ‘housing affordability package’ has been released. Stamp Duty for first home buyers on existing and new homes has been scraped for NSW […]

May 2017 Property Market News

May 2017 May has started off with the budget. The Budget The budget will have a mixed impact on the Australian property market. Most hard hit will be developers and foreign investors. Developers Developers can only sell 50% of stock to foreign buyers. Investors Two deductions have been affected with this budget. Depreciation to things […]

April 2017 Property Market News

April 2017 April has started off with majority of media attention on lending policies. National National news looking at topical points relating to Australia as a nation. Property Cycles ‘Gold Coast goes through bigger booms and busts than any other property market. Perth’s property market is largely influenced by the resources industry. Sydney is largely […]

What Australian Residential Property Investors Can Learn From The Wealth Report 2017

Though the Wealth Report 2017 largely talks about a totally different wealth league to the average Australian property investor, it would be wise to understand what the ultra-rich are doing with their money. Maybe we can learn something that will help our investing? Sydney and Melbourne are the top 2 destinations for ‘HNWI’ (High-het-worth individual […]