How Important Is Population Growth For Capital Growth For Property Investors

Many investors regard population growth as the vital injection required for property price growth. But is this actually the case? Do you need a growing population for prices to grow? Many well established Sydney suburbs have had limited new large-scale development activity but experienced tremendous price growth. If we look at ABS population growth and […]

March 2017 Property Market News

March 2017 March saw continued price rises in Sydney and Melbourne. Media coverage focussed on how to slow property markets. Discussions continued on how property can be made more affordable for First Home Buyers. National National news looking at topical points relating to Australia as a nation. Property Market ‘The value of Australia’s 9.8 million […]

How First Home Buyers Using Superannuation Will Affect Investors

There has been alot written, discussed and pondered over by many of Australia’s greatest economists, thinkers and policy makers. The underlying topic all the experts are trying to solve is how can property become more affordable for first home buyers? One of the newest ideas is allowing first home buyers access to their superannuation to […]

23-02-2017 – Best Property Investments – Randwick

Today we will jump a few price points over $2m, like our Olympic champion Sally Pearson does to hurdles. An interesting property at 35 Oswald St Randwick. It offers many options, like a well trained comedian. From a renovation to addition and or potential redevelopment. 35 Oswald St Price Range The last property to sell […]

18-02-2017 – Buying Property At Auctions – Upper North Shore

Today I’m attending two auctions in the Upper North Shore. It’s a day of potential knockdown and re-builds. The first auction is in Hornsby. I’m predicting this property will sell around $1.2m. The second property is in Gordon. The guide price is just over $1m. I’m predicting this property will sell for around $1.55m. I […]