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What Are Property Prices?

Buyers agents determine the value of properties for their clients on a daily basis. The funny thing that often happens as a buyers agent, is you are certain a property is worth a particular figure, but someone else values it $150,000-$200,000 more. Why would someone else be so willing to pay so much more than […]

Where To Buy Property in Sydney – June 2016?

Do you ever wonder where you should be buying property in Sydney? As a buyers agent specialising in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, we have seen some key trends emerge over the last month which are inline with HTW’s latest market update. This article will focus on the Sydney property market and what each region is […]

Can A Professional Buyers Agent Save You Time and Money in Sydney?

Do you really think a buyers agent can save you time and money in Sydney? If you rephrase this question instead to how much is your time worth? You may start to formulate an answer. Assuming you earn $30 per hour. How many hours would you pay for someone else to find you a property? […]

DA Approval of the week – St Ives

DA Approval of the week provides an overview of interesting newly approved projects around Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane which have just been approved by local council. This week we look at an interesting project which has just been DA approved by Ku-Ring-Gai council. The medium density project is located at 7-11 College Crescent Rd, St […]

Realism In Property Investment

The TV happened to be on one of these homestyle programs and I saw a person declare their desire to build a massive portfolio of properties within a year period. For this I will say the number was over 10. I couldn’t help it, but I started laughing out loud uncontrollably. Maybe one of those […]

What Do Successful Property Investors Do Differently?

If you are thinking about entering into the world of property investment then it would be important to understand some philosophies successful investors use. These may very well help you amass a fortune. Looking at the really successful buy and hold investors of our time, one lesson becomes apparent. They aren’t looking for a one […]

Off The Plan Property Predictions In 2016

One needs to be a little cautious about what one buys as an off the plan property investor. Our recommendation is don’t just buy anything. It’s worth repeating that. ‘Don’t just buy anything’. There will be times when developers will really need to sell off the plan stock. At which time the vultures will swarm […]