We are experts in finding the correct investment property to make money for clients.

02.01. Strategy

To make money with property a clear investment strategy is needed from the beginning. There are over 40 investment strategies which can be broken down into short, medium and long-term time frames. Below are some select examples, some can be in multiple timeframes.


Profitable strategies from start to finish within 1-2 years.

Renovator / Flipper

You buy property for the short to medium-term to renovate and or on-sell for profit.

Knockdown rebuild

You buy a freestanding property with the goal to rebuild a more valued modern house that can be on-sold for profit.


Profitable strategies from start to finish within 2-5 years.

Negative Gearers

You are a high income earner tired of paying heaps of money in tax.

Positive Cash Flow

You want your properties rent to pay for itself.

House & Land

You like the benefits of new houses and land.

Off The Plan

You may not have enough deposit for an established property and want potential growth during the construction period.


Profitable strategies from start to finish from 5+ years.

Capital Growth

You are buying property to build your wealth.

Overseas Investor

You are primarily buying property to put your money in a stable economy. These properties are usually off the plan or new houses.

Interstate Investor

You are investing mainly for long-term diversification in your portfolio.

02.02. Research

Facts and figures are everywhere. Research is the understanding of what they mean through analysis and experience.


The residents age, what sort of houses they like, how much money they earn, how many people live in a household are just a few indicators.

Property Market

Does the property market grow year on year or is it volatile and higher risk.

Supply & Demand

Whether the property market is in undersupply or oversupply.


Is the local economy growing or contracting and the reasons why this is happening.


Are new jobs being created for residents or is the local area becoming more accessible to key employment and shopping hubs.

Nationwide Knowledge

Keeping up-to-date with current news, trends and legislative changes whilst maintaining a daily view of nationwide property markets.


Due to the expansive nature of Sydney many fantastic opportunities present within the city ring and further afield in the outskirts. We tend to focus on all key regions within Sydney and surrounds.


Currently focusing on securing fantastic value adding houses in the inner ring of Brisbane. Further afield offers strong yielding houses.


Due to Melbourne’s higher density compared to Sydney, there remains good valued suburbs within 30km to the Melbourne CBD.

02.03. Implementation

Proper implementation brings strategy and research together in the recommendation of suitable properties.

Does the property meet short, medium & long-term goals?

What is the key strategy and investment timeframe?

Will the client be able to easily manage this investment?

Does the research meet the clients goals and strategy?

Is this the best property market for the client?