How Australia’s Largest Developer Is Looking At The Market For 2016?

An article in the The Australian talks about an email the journalist received from Mr Harry Triguboff explaining some of Meriton’s thoughts about where the market is headed for 2016.

Mr Triguboff outlined “apartment sales are strong” and believes that “completed properties will be in great demand and will rise in value”. He also said, “we definitely are selling some of our old properties which are rising in price. Sydney and Gold Coast are definitely undersupplied.”

His only concern related to the banks and their inability to guarantee how much they will actually lend to people in the future i.e. 2 years away, who buy off the plan. In summary My Triguboff is alot more optimistic about our property market in 2016 than he was in 2015.

When the largest apartment owner and developer in Australia says he is optimistic…take it as being a very good thing!