37 Property Group is a specialist buyers agent focussed on making money for investors. We offer a single premium full search buyers agency package.

Full Search Package

04.01. Goals

  • Free Meeting
  • Proven System
  • Strategy
  • Goal Setting – short, medium & long-term

04.02. Research

  • Full Nationwide Search
  • Research & Analysis
  • Demographics, Economics, Infrastructure & Supply & Demand
  • Custom Reports

04.03. Shortlist

  • Full Market Choice
  • Selective Option
  • Recommendations

04.04. Evaluate

  • Highest & Best Use
  • Current & Future Potential
  • Cash Flow Analysis

04.05. Negotiate

  • Comparable Analysis
  • Maximum Price Levels
  • Negotiation Strategy

04.06. Secure

  • Pre-Auction
  • Auction Bidding
  • Price Saving
  • Private Treaty
  • EOI

Real World Example


We met our clients at their home in Homebush.
Worked out their short, medium & long-term goals. The underlying goal was to build wealth over a 10 year period.
Devised a strategy based on their goals. The strategy was to accumulate a new property within every 2 years.
The focus of each property needs to have underlying value adding potential.


Undertook a total search of the market.
Completed detailed research and analysis of a few key markets which met their needs.


We shortlisted a property we felt perfectly met their brief. Undertook a pre-inspection for them due to their busy work schedules.


Once we were happy with the pre-inspection we organised a second viewing with the clients. After further evaluation and analysis the clients were happy with the property’s potential to make money.


The property was a private treaty in a high growth location in Western Sydney.
We set a maximum price point to go to for the property.


Through our comparable analysis and maximum price point set for the clients, we managed to save the clients much more than our fee through the negotiation. They were very happy as they knew they purchased the right property. Since then they have purchased their second property with the help of 37 Property Group and are on their way to achieving their long-term goal.


37 Property Group charges a nominal engagement fee and fixed percentage success fee which is only payable once the property has settled.

Engagement Fee


Success Fee

1% of the purchase price

Tax Deductions

We recommend speaking to your accountant as you will often find our investment client fees are tax deductible.

Secondary Services

37 Property Group offers a professional network of carefully hand selected, trusted and respected professionals in the fields of property management, solicitor / conveyancing, mortgage broking, accountancy, financial planning, building & renovation work.


Not only having a professional on your side enables you to buy the best property, but it also saves you money and time.

Save Money & Save Time

  • Our Service Saves More Than Our Fees
  • Gives You A Professional Upper Hand
  • Provides Peace Of Mind Knowing Your Purchase Is Correct
  • Saves You Time and Worry

Customer Service

  • Quick Responses
  • Honesty
  • Personal Service
  • Care